Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cornhuskers Stadium

Miserably hot and humid here in Lincoln. I have a great view of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln stadium (I think) from my hotel room. As you can see, it is really clear and sunny. Supposedly, it is just a short walk from the hotel to the auditorium on the university campus so I should get some walking in this week in spite of the weather.

I just started working on a presentation that I am scheduled to give on Wednesday morning about the review of our network by a couple of network engineers from other universities. Relatively short, only six slides so far. But then again, I've just started.

Later in that evening - I walked around the area and it really is hot and sticky here. Maybe I'll take the bus in the morning just to avoid the weather. I had a wonderful dinner (vegetable curry and naan) at an Indian restaurant located only a block from the hotel. Tried out the exercise room at the hotel and ran two miles in air conditioned comfort. Did I mention that it is way hot here!

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