Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Knott's Berry Farm and Earthquakes

Spent most of the day here and walked over 10 miles within the park. Lots of roller coasters but the only one I was interested in was Ghost Rider, the large wooden coaster. All of the rides in the park were shut down for a couple of hours after the earthquake but it wasn't anything major. The attendance dropped as a number of people left, I assume to check things out at their homes or businesses. We stayed there for the full 12 hours the park was open and I was exhausted even though I didn't go on many attractions.

Today, the reunion continues, after yesterdays free day, with a walk at the wetlands near Bolsa Chica. Should be nice. At least I'm getting more exercise in while I'm here. Yesterdays steps were more just a stroll throughout the day than real exercise but I guess the calorie consumption is about the same.

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