Monday, September 10, 2007

Week 24

Today is the beginning of the 24th week of the Orient Express. So far on this program, I've walked 4,876,531 steps (or some equivalent activity) and I'm on my 3rd pair of shoes. For my stride length, this adds up to 2187 miles. I could've walked to Seattle. This weekend, someone asked how I can get so many steps in and the simple answer is it helps me feel better. Not from the joy of getting exercise or some lofty reason like that. But I'm on this medication that makes me nauseous a lot and walking is, so far, about the only way I've found that helps. On some evenings, I'll end up walking 6-8 miles before feeling better. Biking doesn't help and running usually makes it worse but walking is good, even if it's just on a treadmill. Sleeping also helps but I thought that walking would be a better choice.

This afternoon, I felt bad even after a minimal lunch (230 Cal), so I went for a short walk (8,277 steps) and now I fell 10x better. During my walk, I also rediscovered a trail between upper and lower campus that I used to use all the time 25 years ago. It starts at what used to be the parking lot for the "Mods" and ends up at the new greenhouse on West Ridge. I checked the Squiggly cache on the way. No visitors...

Tuesday 9/11/07 - Went for a longish (15k steps) walk today. West Ridge to Tee Field to Ballaine Lake to Wood Center and back to West Ridge. Feel much better, especially after sitting all morning in a workshop. I haven't been around the Skarland trail in a long time. This winter I shouldn't get as lost when I go skiing as I've been doing a lot of walking on the same trails. I realize that I did do the Skarland trail backwards but traffic was minimal. This evening, I went on another longish walk during a scout meeting. Almost makes me think about trying to finish one more time.

Wednesday 9/12/07 - Went for a modest walk this afternoon. Walked down to lunch on College Road from West Ridge. Starting to feel "antsy" again and will probably go for a walk this evening.

Thursday 9/13/07 - Another beautiful day for a walk. Went down to University Ave. for lunch and walked back on the nice trail through the woods. Still, no Squiggly visitors. Still felt a little nausea so I walked a bit more...

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