Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The September Squiggly Hunt is On

The Squiggly cache for September has been set and it is on-campus as some have requested. On the trail from the SRC, up and across the Ski Hill, head towards West Ridge. Just before the curve to the north which heads towards the museum, pause, go 10 paces south (downhill), then look west (towards your right), You should find the water bottle containing a number of red on white Squiggly chips at the base of a couple of trees. Unfortunately, there are no handy signs or other distinguishing markers nearby except the curve in the trail. This trail is occasionally used by cyclists barreling down the hill so keep your eyes open. Clicking on the coordinates under the picture will open a Google Earth image showing the location of the cache. It clearly shows the trail and the relative location of the Squiggly cache. The foliage doesn't match completely but the cache is located just a short distance from the large clearing. You shouldn't have any problem finding this cache if you look at the Google Earth image.

Congratulations to Anne Christie, the winner of the random drawing of successful Squiggly hunters for August.

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