Sunday, September 16, 2007

Las Vegas

Sunday 9/16/07 - Did a fair amount of walking today. Went to an RV show at the Portland Expo then off to Las Vegas. After a light dinner, I used the exercise room (I was the only one in there!) and did intervals for a bit over an hour. Tomorrow, we move to another hotel in the downtown area for the reunion.

Monday 9/17/07 - Ran again this morning. Went to the Bellagio to look around and see the shops and the aboretum. They had a 987# pumpkin on display. I haven't found the gym yet (assuming there is one) so I haven't done any running this evening. I still got a fair amount of walking in anyway.

Tuesday 9/18/07 - This hotel doesn't have an exercise room. I guess they just want you to exercise your right arm on the slot machines. The California Hotel is must be owned by a group from Hawaii since they have 'moco loco' and Spam on the menu and everything seems to be served with rice and macaroni salad. Also there is an incredibly high percentage of aisians and Hawaiians here. I did get quite a bit of walking around the area though and temps maxed out at around 90. Tonight, there is some sort of dinner as part of my mom's reunion. Maybe, I'll drag them to the Fremont Street light show later tonight.

The dinner was good. Saw a couple good videos including an electronic field trip done by the park service with a bunch of middle school classes around the country. The kids were interviewing the internees and trying to put themselves in their shoes. I have a copy of one of the videos and a promise by the park service to try and send the other one. I also met a couple of people that I haven't seen since high school. They were there to accompany their mom to the reunion. I did go to the Fremont Street Experience after the dinner and they even had a live outdoor concert going on.

Wednesday 9/19/07 - Sitting on a plane leaving Las Vegas. Windy day, not much walking so far today except walking through the casino, parking lots and the airport.

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