Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sitting at the airport

Right now I am sitting in the Seattle airport having arrived at about 1:30 am from Fairbanks. My next flight isn't until 7:15 am. At least they let people stay in the terminal now. I remember not to long ago, security chased everyone out to the entrance until 5 am since they didn't want to patrol the whole terminal. I'm suprised that several of the shops are staying open all night. Many people find some corner to try and sleep but I ended up walking through all the terminals several times. Well over 30k for today (I'm counting tonights steps with yesterdays and will reset the pedometer at 6:00 am.) For me, the terminal is too cool to sleep comfortably. I think that it is their way to discourage sleeping. A lot of people are watching movies on their laptops or just wandering around like I am. Maybe I can get another 10k steps in before my flight.

I easily got more than 10k since they changed gates twice before the flight left. Fell asleep on the plane seconds after the engines started. Got a bit more walking in before the end of the day.

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