Sunday, September 23, 2007

Last week!

This is the last week for the Orient Express walking program. Just four more days to finish and four more days to find Squiggly. I'll check it tomorrow to make sure the Squiggly cache is still there since it is located on a fairly busy trail. I've been pushing myself pretty hard to try and finish again. Actually, after walking through the Seattle airport yesterday, my feet were pretty sore while on the flight. I guess that's the problem with walking on a hard surface. I think TSA was wondering what I was doing since I did like 15 laps of the airport. Okay, I'm a little obsessed with walking these last few weeks since it seemed like I may actually be able to finish lap 4. I'm looking forward to StartWalking v4.

I'm tempted to go for a walk since I am only 332 steps from finishing!

Monday 9/24/07 - Finished! Got in the last 332 steps this morning walking to get some coffee. Total, since the start of the Orient Express program April 2nd, is 5,541,030 steps or about 2,485 miles (using my 28" steps). This averages out to about 13 miles per day. Equivalent activity for this round has been limited to bike riding once and a while and working in the garage or the yard. The majority has been actually walking. No wonder my shoes have been wearing out. Another interesting tidbit is I probably spend over 3 hours per day walking. I've also noticed that I can no longer get any kind of aerobic workout from just walking. Or at least I need to find more hills. I have slowly (actually, verrrrry slowly) been incorporating jogging into my routine and these really do give me an aerobic workout but I'm still rather protective of my joints. I'll see how that goes the next couple of months now that cooler weather is here and I start using the treadmill more. Yesterday evening, I used the treadmill again set to do intervals alternating between 5 mph and 3.5 mph for 45 minutes. It was a pretty good workout. Much more than my 5 mile walk in the hills yesterday morning. Too bad the next program won't start until January.

Also, I just checked the Squiggly cache and it has had NO VISITORS.

Tuesday 9/25/07 - Still NO VISITORS. Just because it's raining?

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