Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tired but not (real) sore

Yesterday, I almost walked a marathon worth of steps and today almost half as much again. I guess when I saw that there was a slight chance that I may actually finish this round before the deadline, I really started to push and take every opportunity to walk. Now, I kind of wish that I was going to be around for the Equinox. A few weeks ago, I had commented to someone that I was glad that I was going to be out of town since I would have been tempted to try it.

Tomorrow evening, I will be leaving for Oregon and then on to Las Vegas. I will be accompanying my parents to my mom's high school reunion. She graduated from Manzanar high school. If you aren't familiar with Manzanar, it was the most well known of the internment camps that people of Japanese descent were put in during WWII. The reunion organizers decided that may be the last high school reunion so my mom was especially anxious to go. Las Vegas is 102°F today and I'm not looking forward to those temperatures at all.

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