Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Yellowstone Nat’l Park

Tuesday - We took a bus tour called “The Ring of Fire”. It was an all day affair and we met the bus at a lodge inside the park. We left before 6am as it was over an hour drive from our RV spot in West Yellowstone. 

The first stop was Upper Yellowstone Falls. I had seen the lower falls (second picture) but do not remember ever seeing the upper falls. 

This is the one I remember from prior trips to Yellowstone. 

The next stop was Yellowstone Lake and the Lake hotel. Both are large and the hotel was beautifully finished inside. The yellow MCI coach was our tour bus. 

After a couple more stops, we were at Old Faithful Lodge for lunch. We saw a couple of geysers while here. Beehive Geyser was pretty impressive and Old Faithful Geyser. 

Beehive went off for over five minutes. Old Faithful geyser was almost a disappointment when it went off twenty minutes later. But it was almost right at the predicted time. Maybe a few minutes late. 

The next stop was the Lower Geyser Basin. This was one of the very hot pools next to the boardwalk. 

A bit further was this bubbling mud. The bubbles are not from heat but gas being released. Shortly after this picture was taken, bison started walking towards and onto the boardwalk. There were many examples of stupidity on display from the tourists. 

There were quite a few bison near the road and traffic was tied up every time. Especially when we were trying to leave the park. Several times traffic was stopped by one bison 25m from the road. Bison delays added over 30 minutes from people gawking at them while stopped in the middle of the road…

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