Thursday, September 7, 2023

Aspen Crossing RV Park, AB

 - A nicer day though it’s a bit windy. I dug out the e-bikes as this park is pretty big. This train car serves as the kitchen for the restaurant in the next car. We had breakfast here when we were here back in July. 

This place really emptied out. When we arrived on Sunday, all of the sites around us were occupied. Now, we are the only ones in the row. This is a new section of the park. I think it’s only been open a couple of years so the trees are still pretty small. 

I participated in both test sessions today thanks to Kent and Lisa who are letting me mooch off of their internet connection. The AT&T prepaid plan that I have on the hotspot doesn't include roaming in Canada though the prepaid plan on my cell phone does include Canada but only limited data.

Winds were gusting into the mid-20s (mph) so I brought in the awning. I’ve had it tied down but why tempt fate…

 - This was the view while participating in the afternoon test session. Both RVs across the street are friends (Living Light RV and Diary of a Family) we are visiting. It was around 67°F this afternoon. This morning, it was in the high 40s, so starting to cool down. Next Sunday, we start to head south again arriving in West Yellowstone on Monday. 

The wind picked up as a storm went through to the east and I had to get help bringing in the awning. It was quite the sail. The ropes would hold but they were attached to plastic pieces on the awning tube. I didn't have a lot of faith in them.

 - A nice day today though it is starting to feel like Fall. So far, no wind. I went ahead and put the awning back out and have it tied down much more securely. One end has a ratchet strap around the end of the awning arm instead of the plastic awning bits…

We needed a few more groceries and Vulcan was closer than the Walmart we went to earlier. Bridget felt obligated to stop at the visitors center.

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