Monday, September 18, 2023

West Yellowstone, MT

Friday - Last night it had dropped down to freezing. Today, I tried starting the RV engine and it wouldn’t start. I turned on the block heater for 30 minutes and it would almost start. I have the block heater on for another 30 minutes and the PWM chassis battery charger as well. Hopefully, it starts. The grid heaters are working as the chassis battery voltage drops during the “Wait to Start” time. 

Later - It would start, grid heaters not even needed, but wouldn't stay running. The last time the RV exhibited this behavior was when we stopped at a Harvest Host in Klamath Falls last spring.

Later - It finally started and ran at like 400 rpm (normal idle is 700 rpm). After about 5 minutes, it started to run more normally. Still no throttle response. After a couple more minutes, the throttle started to work as expected. The block heater was on for a couple of hours total and the engine temperature was like 80°F when it finally started. I guess I will have the block heater on for several hours tomorrow when we are scheduled to leave, so the engine will be nice and warm. Plus, we'll leave plenty of time before checkout. I'm not sure whether the problem is related to temperature or elevation. The elevation here is 6670' and Klamath Falls was only about 4000'. But in both cases, the overnight temperature was around freezing. We have been in freezing temperatures multiple times and it's not been a problem. I hate problems like this...

On another note, I walked to the local grocery store to pick up some beef stew meat. We have most of the other ingredients so it's an opportunity to clean out the refrigerator.

Saturday - °F 

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