Thursday, September 21, 2023

Chappell, NE

Wednesday - Another travel day to a Passport America campground in Chappell, NE. Passport America gives us a 50% discount so our stay here is only $15/night. The sites are kind of cramped but for the cost and full hookups, it’s worth staying. 

Thursday - The engine is going through a lot of oil. There is no oil on the engine. Only on the frame to the left and behind the crankcase vent tube. Here is an example of oil on the frame. In front of this, there is no liquid oil just dirt and dust.

I had thought that this line may be the culprit but there is no evidence of liquid oil. Just dust and dirt.

I called a friend ChrisZ who also has been dealing with the same model engine and explained what I was seeing and my suspicions. He suggested that I put a catch bottle on the vent tube to see how much oil was coming out of the engine. If there wasn't much, then I need to look for a leak somewhere. An excellent suggestion.

Here is my catch bottle. The blowby tube is going through the bottle opening and I drilled a hole in the side of the bottle to allow air to exit as the tube is a pretty good fit into the bottle opening. Tomorrow mid-day, I'll see how much oil is in there...