Sunday, September 24, 2023

Chappell, NE

Friday - Well, the RV wouldn’t start this morning. After numerous attempts, we gave up and called Coach-Net, our RV roadside assistance provider. After talking with their tech for a bit, he went off and looked for a shop that could/would work on an RV. Some shops won’t since engine access is difficult. They found a shop in Sydney, NE, about 30 miles west of Chappell and will tow us on Monday. We are staying at the RV park for the weekend. It’s only $15/day using Passport America. No complaints about that…

Saturday - After the morning test session, I figured that it may be a good time to regenerate the water softener. After draining the water, you open the cap and add two 26oz boxes of regular table salt. Then you slowly run water for about half an hour. Then flush it out for five minutes at full flow. Then taste. There shouldn’t be any trace of salt. The manufacturer suggests doing this every month. It’s been about a month and a half but then we don’t use much water.

 - Today was a prep day. Not for traveling but probably moving out of the RV for a time (currently unknown duration). I removed the back seat from the Jeep and put the 12V portable fridge/freezer. I also pulled out a couple of storage bins for food/supplies. We won’t really know what’s going on for a couple of days…

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  1. Having problems on the road stinks! I hope it all gets resolved quickly, and you can get back to RVing!