Sunday, September 18, 2022


Thursday - Cleaned the solar panels and got an appointment for a RV wash and wax. I turned off the charge function of the Magnum inverter just to see if the panels produce a bit more than 350 watts.

Friday - See Titan Missile Museum

 - It was nice and cool-ish this morning, at least cool enough to have breakfast outside. By 9:00, it was starting to warm up. By 10:30 it was time to hit the pool. Into the low 90s, not a single cloud in the sky, and only 19% humidity. 

On Wednesday, I ordered some mid-distance “computer glasses” since I was on Zoom just about every day. The were done yesterday afternoon. Pretty impressive service. They had told me a week to ten days so I never expected two days. 

 - I dug the e-bikes out this morning and we rode along the Pantano Wash trail which runs right next to the RV park. Apparently, this trail runs a long way. Most of the riders were the serious riders with skinny tires and colorful jerseys. But, with the pedal assist, we weren’t passed by very many riders. 

The Broadway St bridge is known for large numbers of bats flying out at dusk. This is commemorated by this metal sculpture just north of the bridge along the bike path. 

There was a colorful sunset as I headed for the pool. It had cooled to 90°F by 7pm.