Wednesday, September 14, 2022

It Actually Rained

Sunday - Storms came through in the evening. It did make for some colors at sunset. We just had rain and thunder. No hail

Monday - After the storm yesterday, I went ahead and put the awning back out. I brought it in last night as the weather service reported gusts up to 60mph. But the Tucson weather service covers a huge part of the state. Nothing like that around here. 

Two test sessions today and a nice visit to the pool before the rain arrived.  We finished off the day with a wonderful visit with KathyK and Mike.

Tuesday - It was finally cool enough outside to use the Blackstone griddle at only 72°F at 8am. By 9:30, it was already up to the upper 80s. Two test sessions today and I led one of the early tests. A very well-prepared candidate. 

After the afternoon session, it was pool time. The water is feeling warmer but still wonderful. I tried a time-lapse with the clouds but they move very slowly. Around 3, an employee came around with free ice cream for everyone at the pool. That was an unexpected surprise.

After some pool time, I checked the mail. Yes, we even have a mailbox here. 

Wednesday - It cooled off nicely last night and was 67°F this morning. Cool enough to mess with the propane side of the refrigerator again. It hasn’t been working on propane since we had it in the shop. And I assumed that it was because the propane was turned off at the tank. After hooking the Blackstone back in and using it, I am confident that the propane lines are bled of air. I switched the refrigerator to propane yesterday, and the burner never lit. I opened up the back of the fridge, and the igniter was almost touching the burner. It needs to be about 3/16” away or there isn’t a large enough spark. The adjustment is just bending the metal bracket. I don’t know how it moved from when I had bent it previously. Heat?

After messing around with it for 20 minutes, I got the burner to light. I’ll need to watch it for a while either on the front panel of the refrigerator or on HomeAssistant. Something I forgot to do yesterday. 

Apple had purchased the DarkSky weather app and with the new release of iOS 16, had added a ton of features to their weather app such as wind speed and wind gusts. I had been using the DarkSky app for this wind forecast for a while. 

Another sunset at the pool. A very relaxing way to finish off the day. Not that I had a lot going on. The propane flame is still running on the fridge. I think I may leave it running for at least the rest of the week just to make sure it actually works as it should. 

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  1. Our weather switched from scorching heat to freezing temps within a week.