Saturday, September 10, 2022

Some Minor Projects

Thursday - Another hot day today in spite of the predictions of the weather guessers. It's 97°F at noon with the hottest part of the day yet to come. I spent part of the morning installing the iOS 16 RC onto my iPhone. I guess the servers were busy as they timed out and the download restarted multiple times. But it eventually finished downloading, verified, and installed. Some cool new features but nothing breathtaking so far. The screenshot is an example of a change. You can customize the lock screen with current location, weather, and other widgets. Kind of cool…

Friday - Not too hot today for a change. Only 88°F at noon and not humid. I did get one minor project done on the RV. The stove has a two-piece Corian cover that matches the countertop. A piece on the front, which would match the front of the countertop, is missing. This missing piece also supports the front edge of the cover. With it missing, the surface will flip up if you lean on the front edge. It’s happened more than once fortunately not when I was making coffee. To support the front edge, I drilled and tapped the countertop and screwed in some aluminum spacers with stainless hardware. It works well.

I participated in two test sessions today using the AT&T hotspot. No bandwidth issues. Even though the campground WiFi seems to be pretty fast, there are drops when using Zoom.

Saturday - Not much today. A mid-morning test session and went to the pool just before sunset. In other words, a pretty quiet day. Bridget asked about going to Petrified Forest sometime. It’s about 550 miles round trip so taking the motor home would be around $350 in diesel. I think driving up in the Jeep and staying in a hotel might be cheaper. Or, at worst, about the same. 

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