Thursday, September 1, 2022

Tucson, AZ

Thursday - A very short travel day today to an RV park due east of Tucson. We are down to 2500’ elevation so the temperature is warmer during the day and not as cool overnight. The site is completely level and paved. Thank you to KathyK, aka Toadmama, for letting us know about their Fall special. 

This will be our first long-term stay as we booked it for four months. Lots of rules but nothing that would bug me. Lots of over-the-air TV channels and reasonable AT&T speed. 23Mbps down and 3Mbps up. We have the site reserved for the next four months. 

The pool is the ideal temperature for this 97°F afternoon…

I walked to the local grocery store which was Sprouts. Picked up a couple of things but there wasn't much that we needed except produce. The RV park provides complimentary WiFi from Tengo Internet. It's alright though the AT&T hotspot is considerably faster for download. But it doesn't have a bandwidth cap so that is a win.


  1. The site sounds and looks pretty good.....

    1. It's sort of your typical RV site but I'm fine with that. Nice and level, concrete. Good water pressure and reasonable power rates. I believe it's 10.5¢/kwh.