Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Cooling Fan Mod

Monday - Here is my latest mod to the electric cooling fan. It’s a two-speed fan and when I ran it at high speed (2500 cfm), the engine temperature would cool down to 183°F when just cruising on flat ground. With the fan on low speed (1600 cfm) the engine temperature is around 188°F. In other words, high fan speed is overkill unless the ambient temperature is hot and/or long grades are involved. The temperature controller is designed for a single-speed fan so it doesn’t have the ability to switch to a higher speed. I walked to the nearby auto parts store and picked up a pair of lighted rocker switches. I wired them to allow me to disable the fan or select low or high speed. I had previously ordered a package of relays for another project so I used one on the high-speed circuit. They are rated at 40amps at 12VDC so they have plenty of current capacity. I still need to secure the wires a bit more but by 9am, it was already 90°F and I was done working outside! 

Tuesday - It's only 9am and already 90°F! I enjoyed the early morning temperatures sitting outside but it became too warm with mosquitos by 8am. The weather guessers claim that cooler temperatures are coming by the weekend. I led a test session this morning but a couple of the other volunteers said that my audio and video seemed to have occasional problems. I was trying out the AT&T hotspot to see if it was more stable than the park WiFi. Actually, Tengo Internet that the park was contracting.

The 102°F temperature was in the middle of the afternoon. I waited until almost sunset before heading to the pool.

Wednesday - This is the Speedtest when using the RV park-supplied commercial WiFi provider. I also tried connecting over WiFi to the AT&T hotspot and got similar results. For today's afternoon, I connected the laptop directly to the hotspot and got much better results. And there wasn't any drops or pauses in the video. I guess that is what I'll be doing for future sessions at this RV park.

It's too hot to do anything outside in the afternoon. Right now, mid-afternoon, it's 100°F. Almost too hot to be at the pool.

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