Friday, August 27, 2021

Running Around in the Rain

Monday - I think rain is in the forecast for the entire week and it feels like Fall is here. Some leaves are starting to change to yellow around their edges. After the morning test session, I rode to Costco to pick up a couple of items. Some mornings I have a ramen bowl and the Costo options are much tastier than the typical grocery store varieties. I then stopped at Prospector Outfitters, a local sporting goods store. They sent me a $10 off coupon so I picked up a brimmed hat for hiking. Something that'll keep the sun off better than just a ball cap.

The last stop of the afternoon was another AT&T store. The one I went to last week basically wouldn't sell me the 100GB/month prepaid hotspot plan. He gave all sorts of excuses why I wouldn't like it. It turns out that the first store was a contract store and not an AT&T corporate store. They don't make much on the prepaid plans so he just kept pushing the other plans. The salesperson at this store said that the prepaid hotspot plan was their best deal. Especially if you didn't want/need the ability to add more data after you run out. This one just stops passing data once you hit the data limit. Ideal for us. The post-paid plan for 100GB/month is only $10 more but it'll just keep adding $$ after you reach the data limit. I picked up a Netgear Nighthawk LTE router for the SIM card.

It rained the entire morning while I was running around. The long zipper on the Roadcrafter needed “tweaking” again to get it to zip properly. But it is still keeps me dry. I got back home in time for the afternoon test session.

Tuesday - More running around in the rain today. Morning coffee at Sunshine followed by a visit to the Campus Barbershop. I then ran around looking for ShoeGoo to repair a pair of boots and my motorcycle boots. Both have a worn spot in the same location from rubbing on the fins of the right cylinder. I just need to be more conscious of where my right foot is resting. 

The weather isn't looking too good for the rest of the week. Fortunately, I don't think we have much planned. 

Thursday - Morning coffee followed by a visit with Jed to look at his Ural. The started didn't spin. It turned out to be a broken crimp connector between the solenoid and the starter motor. An easy fix. Then back home for the afternoon test session.

Here is a shot of the leaves starting to change. Interesting how the yellow starts at the edge of the leaves and move towards the stem. 

No new info on the Jeep. Here is the latest from Jeep Chat:

Thank you so much for holding. I am showing that your order is in the scheduling phase of the manufacturing process. The parts required to build the vehicle are being scheduled and as soon as they available and ready, order will be scheduled for build.

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