Saturday, August 14, 2021

More of the Same

Wednesday - A day of errands or at least a morning. All done on the Ural, of course, so were they errands or recreation? I stopped at the university to let the parking office know that I got a new license plate for the Ural. I picked up a new one when I got the permanent registration i.e. no more renewals. That will be convenient. I also sent off the fishing poles via UPS that Tim's group had picked up to fish in Alaska. And I picked up some tools at Lowe's.

I'm trying out some tofu in the air fryer right now. I'm missing several ingredients in the sauce recipe so we'll see how it turns out. Missing items are honey and chili paste. I think I'll just add it to the stir fry and call it good. It didn't turn out too bad though the tofu came out better when fried in a pan. The air fryer dried them out too much.

Thursday -  On the way to morning coffee, Bridget was following in the Prius and noticed that the tail light on the Ural wasn't working. Upon checking, the bulb was ready to burn out (barely holding together) and the ground screw was loose. The ground screw was probably the actual reason and the light has probably been blinking for the last couple of years.

Friday - Two test sessions today plus some more errands. It’s starting to feel colder during the day as well as at night. It seems that sunset was after midnight not too long ago. Today, it’s at 10:16pm. Quite a change. Tomorrow, the local amateur radio club is having a hamfest. Basically a day of presentations and a swap meet. It’s being held at the North Pole Plaza starting at 9am. 

Saturday - Most of Saturday was spent at the North Pole Plaza. There were a few presentations and a lot of used equipment up for sale. There were elections and I withdrew from the board as we are out of town so much. I served on the board for the last three years and they had someone new volunteer. 


  1. Instead of honey you may want to try maple syrup, if you have. It will give the recipe an interesting twist. If you have dry chilli spice you could put it in water or wine and let it soak. And my mouth is watering as I am writing this...

    1. I did use maple syrup instead of the honey and just sprinkled in some dried chili flakes. It turned out pretty good though I prefer the regular fried tofu instead of the air-fryer version.