Monday, August 9, 2021

Back to Fairbanks

Friday - We left Anchorage around 9:30am. Thank you, Travis and Katrielle for your hospitality! We stopped in Houston, AK, which is just past Wasilla, to meet up with friends Gary and Stacy. We had a good visit over breakfast/lunch and they showed us around their property where they are building a new home. We continued north and made a short stop at Denali National Park before heading back home. I didn’t take a single picture on the trip. It rained in Anchorage, around Denali and coming into Fairbanks. But otherwise, it was just overcast with temperatures around 60°F. The Ural ran great and I’ve put on almost 2k miles this summer. The sidecar was empty on this return trip so performance was a little better than on the trip south. And 33 mpg!

Saturday - Just the normal stuff. Ham radio testing, grocery shopping, etc. I thought about going to the Tanana Valley State Fair but just didn't feel like it. BTW, all of the fairs in Alaska claim the title of "State Fair".

Sunday - Rain in the forecast for the afternoon and evening. It was the last day of the fair.

Monday - Another test in the morning and led a test in the afternoon. Right now, it’s raining and I’m making some burgers on the grill. It’s not raining hard but has been coming down throughout the day. The fireweed flowers are almost to the top which, I’m told, means that summer is over.


  1. Pretty good mileage rack up for the Ural!

    1. And, it hasn't broken anything. At least nothing that I've found…