Monday, August 2, 2021

Cooper Landing and Seward

Sunday - This is not where we are staying but visiting some who are in the associated RV park. It’s a nice setup. Sunny, clear and 70°F is hard to beat. Actually, I had to find some shade as their site is pretty sunny at this time of day. It’ll be shady in a couple of hours. This morning was a chilly 45°F which makes me think it’s going to be fall soon. 

I’m not really sure if there are any “plans”. I don’t have any. 

 - Today, we drove about an hour to Seward. The first stop was the Alaska Sealife Center. This is a puffin, one of Alaska’s more recognized birds. They dive into the water for fish but it wasn’t their feeding time when we were there. 

I don’t remember what this fish was but it kept swimming near the aquarium glass. 

This is Resurrection Bay from the Sealife Center. We have a beautiful day for exploring Seward. 

We then went to Exit Glacier. It is now a two mile walk from the visitor center to the glacier viewpoint. When I was first here in 1983, it was only a ⅛ mile walk to the glacier itself.