Thursday, August 5, 2021

Moose Pass then Back to Anchorage

Wednesday - Our vacation is almost over and by vacation, I mean this trip to south central Alaska. On Tuesday, we left the B&B in Cooper Landing and went to a hotel in Moose Pass. The hotel wasn’t stellar but it was very basic and clean. We had dinner in the bar and my jalapeño burger was good. 

This morning, we headed back to Anchorage. The trip from my last gas fillup in Soldatna to the next gas station at the Girdwood turnoff was past my range so I went ahead and dumped the contents of my gas can into the tank. I still stopped at the turnoff but not to get gas. They had delicious baked goods at the ridiculously expensive bakery. 

I was originally thinking of traveling down the Glenn Hwy and visiting McCarthy then returning on the Denali Hwy but I’m just not feeling it. I think the plan is to head back to Fairbanks on Friday. 

Thursday - We are staying with my nephew and their family and he has a surplus army truck. The intent is to turn it into an overland vehicle (off-road RV). You can see a completed vehicle at Lori’s blog at . We took a ride on it today. It’s quite the vehicle. 


  1. Man it's getting so that there's an overlander truck in the making just about everywhere you go!