Saturday, June 13, 2020

Days 128, 129 - Pendleton, OR

Friday (128) - Only a few more days here in Pendleton, OR, so this will probably be the last post while here. Bridget had checked with the wool mill but they still haven’t started doing any factory tours. I think the factory is just getting started again. I guess the tour will have to wait until “next time”.

I had run out of the breadboards I’ve been using for my sensor projects so the latest one, the ESP32 test board, is just sitting in a plastic container in the cabinet over the recliner. There is no physical switch for the recessed lights only the Home Assistant interface on your phone or tablet. The screen capture shows what it looks like within Home Assistant. The partial circle is the intensity level and you can adjust it to whatever you’d like. Tapping the bulb toggles the light on/off. I haven’t gotten around to running a wire for the touch sensor. Maybe that’s an afternoon project.

I installed the outside temperature through the back of the compartment. It is a somewhat protected location though it doesn’t get any airflow. We’ll see how it works...

Saturday (129) - Quite a bit of rain last night into this morning. There was some water drops on the dashboard this morning but no drips running down the glass. Time to redo the Dicor and maybe use Eternabond tape along the roof seam between the roof and the fiberglass cap.

Since the newly added dimmable lights are in the main living space, I created an automation to turn the on at 15% from 10:30pm (only if they are off) and off again at 30 minutes before sunrise. Essentially a night light. They are only 3.6watts at 100% duty cycle so at 15% duty cycle, only about 0.6 watts. I think the microprocessor only uses 0.13 watts max so it’s efficient enough. I think I need to do some research on the touch sensor. It works but not reliably. But good enough to play around with...

We are getting ready to head out tomorrow. 

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