Friday, June 26, 2020

Day 140, 141, 142 - Chehalis, WA - TT

Wednesday (140) - After ten days, it was about time to empty the tanks. They weren’t full but I think Bridget has plans for the next several days. After emptying the tanks, I moved one site over as it was more level. We originally thought about this site when we first arrived but the angle required us to go the wrong way on the one way road. Given the traffic, we now know that it wasn’t a big deal. The rear leveling jacks had sunk a couple of inches into the mud and it felt in-level. This site also seemed a little less muddy.

Yesterday evening, we visited with Carolyn and Garret from Diary of a Family. We had met them before back in Phoenix and have been following their adventures on YouTube. They did a short interview of us and said that portions will show up on their live stream this Saturday. Carolyn is a traveling nurse and mentioned that times are really tough these days. Lots of contracts are being canceled due to empty hospitals.

Thursday (141) - Today, we drove towards Seattle to meet with Bridget’s nephew who lives downtown. He graciously is meeting us in Renton, WA, which is northeast of the airport. We initially went to Ikea but there was a line to enter so we just headed to the restaurant (to go only) for lunch. We were originally going to be in Hawaii for a family reunion at this time so this was a nice choice. The poke bowl was delicious with two kinds of poke plus toppings over brown rice. I should’ve taken a picture.

Friday (142) - I can’t believe that it’s been 142 days since I was last home. And it’s still not easy to travel to Alaska. I am back at our friends home in Centralia-Rochester. Bridget forgot her keys at the yesterday’s restaurant so she is driving back to pick them up. The dogs are here with me quietly (sort of) in their kennels. One of them wormed his way out of the fenced yard and took off down the street the last time we were here so now they get to spend some quality time in their kennels. Other than that, there isn’t much else going on today.

I did forget my phone in the RV but since I had used the WiFi here at our friends home before, my Apple Watch is using the WiFi to communicate with the iPhone so I’m still able to receive text messages and notifications. Cool technology...


  1. Please stay safe in your travels Richard. From a Kiwi perspective looking at US news, the C-19 spike in several states is alarming. There's clearly a price to be paid for both tighter restrictions and for loosening them. Which one is the better overall choice for the US has yet to be seen.

    1. In both cases listed, social distancing was followed. Best practices are well known by both due to their professions. Washington has a mask requirement but when I went into town to pick up some fuses and a thermometer, most of the customers did not but most of the staff did.