Monday, June 1, 2020

Day 116, 117 - Pendleton, OR

Sunday (116) - Today was much cooler so it seemed like it might be a good day to defrost the refrigerator/freezer. Maybe it’ll work better. I had decided that it really needed to be defrosted since I couldn’t get to the thermistor that was mounted on the refrigerator fins. If you want the refrigerator to run colder, you slide the thermostat higher up on the fins. If it’s too cold, you slide it down. We used a heat gun and a hairdryer, each on a different AC circuit, to start melting the ice enough to get it loose. This is the third time we’ve done this chore so maybe every three months or so.

Monday (117) - Defrosting the fridge seems to have made a difference in the performance of the refrigerator. But it isn't really hot either. Since the whole cooling part of the refrigerator was replaced last year, it should be working "like new". I still need to build that onto a breadboard so that maybe today's activity.

After Bridget talked to a specialist at the Alaska Division of Retirement, the suggestion was "why risk air travel at this time". We agree with that suggestion and canceled our flight and doctor appointments until later this summer. TVC is suggested a Zoom meeting for my semi-annual appointment instead of in-person so we'll see how that goes. 


  1. Good call, you two. Stay safe, because others will not be as considerate and may help spreading the effing virus.

    1. Other people not considerate! Surely you jest. Probably quite accurate. Mask wearing is a real mix around here.