Monday, June 15, 2020

Day 131 - Chehalis, WA - TT

We are at another Thousand Trails park. This one is only has 30amp and water. Since there isn’t sewer, we will need to drive to the dump station every five to seven days. The 30amp service seems insufficient to run the heat pump especially if anything else is in use. Most of the sites aren’t very flat and this was the most level one we could find that we actually fit into. I have the rear tires on three blocks but it’s still a little low in the back. So nice compared to being packed in at the KOA.

We are practically all by ourselves in this area of the campground. From our site, we can’t see or hear any other RV. The more crowded areas have fewer trees which many folks prefer for their satellite dishes. We get 14 channels of over-the-air TV which is sufficient. It’s been raining all night and the forecast is for more rain through mid-day tomorrow. Yesterday evening, we visited with friends who used to live in Sunriver near Bend. We enjoyed a fantastic dinner of barbecue ribs, grilled  asparagus, and a delicious salad.

Very little Verizon signal here. So there won’t be many photos posted. 


  1. It's nice you're not packed in, but I wouldn't enjoy the 30 amp and no sewer. I assume you knew that before you got there though. Will have to look up that location in Washington.

    1. The 30amp and no sewer were what we assumed when made the reservation. They do have 50amp sites and sewer sites but not very many. I think the host said maybe 20 out of 300 sites. This is much more campground than RV park.

  2. Secluded is better than a view of the sky for the sat dish!