Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Day 132, 133, 134 - Chehalis, WA - TT

Tuesday (132) - Walmart shopping day. Not counting employees, probably 5% of the people wore masks. Many seemed to ignore the traffic arrows on the floor. I didn’t see any low or empty shelves though the selection of some things was poor. After I got back to the RV, Bridget was ready to head to our friends home as she was going through Internet withdrawal. Very little Verizon signal.

Wednesday (133) - This morning, we both went for a haircut. We went to Great Cuts in Chehalis and they had online check-in available. So the wait once we arrived was maybe ten minutes. They only did haircuts at this time and required everyone to wear a mask. And a thorough cleaning between customers.

We are up at the lodge, which is closed, but WiFi is available out on the deck. They are cleaning the pool so maybe there are plans to open up sometime soon. After all the rain, it seems really nice now. Plus, the quiet is amazing. I looked for some thick rubber tiles to put under the jacks but Tractor Supply only had 4’x6’ sheets. It looked good as it was about 1½” thick and made of recycled tires. It would be difficult to cut.

Thursday (134) - This morning, we went into Centralia and are spending time visiting friends. Some other friends are driving their RV back from southern OR and are staying on their lot. They also used to live in Fairbanks.

I picked up a rib roast at Walmart the other day and that is in the sous vide with rosemary-thyme garlic butter. It should be good.

Just a quiet, relaxing day...


Geoff James said...

Richard, good going with the haircuts! We haven't had one since mid-March and really need onw. Still, it's quite nice to have a decent amount of hair on top although I could do without the beginnings of a mullet!

RichardM said...

It’s been six months so definitely time for a haircut.

Dar said...

You've got to love quiet days, I've been enjoying mine. It's funny that the pandemic has made me slow down, stick around the house, and take up new creative hobbies. I have no interest in roaming. Haven't even insured the bike yet and in no particular hurry to do so. I think the last 5 years with teaching and working I was running myself into the ground. Ask me 6 months from now if I getting cabin fever, things might change some winter.

RichardM said...

Quiet days are wonderful! I do miss riding while we are traveling in the RV. The electric bike is nice but it’s not the same thing.