Monday, March 16, 2020

Day 40 - Whitney, TX - TT

I think that this meets the definition of spring equinox i.e. 12 hours of daylight. Not really sunny but not raining either. Even with spring break here the campground is still pretty empty again. A few people showed up just for the weekend. The site next to us has been occupied the entire time but there hasn’t been anyone there. Maybe they are one of the seasonal occupants.

Tomorrow, we are driving back to Georgetown for the day to visit friends again who used to live in Fairbanks. After that, we are headed north to another Thousand Trails (TT) park near the Oklahoma border. It’s supposed to be the nicest TT park in TX. So I’ve the

The local grocery store was advertising a daily special of “chicken and pickles on a stick”. Of course, I had to try one. I asked the clerk if it was good. The reply was a non-committal “some people really like ‘em”. It was pretty good though a bit salty between the spicy batter and the dill pickle chips. It needed some blue cheese or ranch dressing.

There have been several times over the last couple of months that we would arrive after a travel day and notice that the safety chains on the tow dolly have come loose. These are the safety chains that loop around the lower suspension arm to the tow dolly chassis not the ones that connect to the hitch. They just drop into a key shaped slot. We had stopped at a Tractor Supply store shortly after arriving at this campground and I picked up two 18” lengths of chain. After clipping it to the end of the existing safety chain, I not only ran it under the frame to prevent it from moving in the slot but ran it through again and fastened it back to itself and the existing chain. Maybe overkill but better safe than sorry. BTW, avoid using a tow dolly if you can.

What’s happening with our travels? Well, since we aren’t on vacation, the closures of places like theme parks, museums, and restaurants don’t really affect us much. It will limit activities but since April 15th is just around the corner, that’s probably a good thing. We are still planning to stay at another TT park in northern TX. They have probably canceled activities and closed the pool but that’s all right. After that, we plan to venture into OK for several days to visit family then head back to AZ to an Encore park south of Phoenix. That is where we hope to get the windshield taken care of. After that, plans are sort of fuzzy. We’ll just need to stop at truck stops a couple of times and plan to dry camp as we cross TX and NM.

We’ll be watching to see what happens with the Canadian border. Today, they closed the border except to residents and U.S. citizens. But there is a lot of discussion about clamping that down to just commercial traffic.


  1. Border closures will happen, people have to stay out, only goods (and truck drivers) will be allowed to cross borders. Take care of yourselves.

    1. U.S./Canada border closures don’t happen very often. But an RV is a great way to keep yourself isolated.