Thursday, March 5, 2020

Day 29 - Waco, TX

No rain today! We headed south about an hour to Waco. First stop (after Petco) was Magnolia Silo. A popular tourist stop created by well known remodeling couple Chip & Joanna on HGTV. Very nice decorating stuff in the store and all outrageously expensive. And, there were a lot of people. We returned later for lunch as there were a number of food trucks.

Just a few blocks from Magnolia was the Dr. Pepper museum. Pretty interesting with not only a lot of old bottling equipment but a pretty good history of carbonated beverages including a number of failures. I must be old as I not only remember the failures but also the ads.

Lunch was a tasty chicken salad sandwich from Magnolia Table, elderflower lemonade, and a coconut cupcake from the Silo’s Baking Co.

We then went to the Texas Ranger Museum which was about a mile away. Lots of information and lots of guns on display. I had only heard about the Texas Rangers on television shows and movies. There was a good 45 minute video that was done by the History Channel in 2000 that they showed. 


  1. Texas Rangers reminded me of the Texas Ranger Heritage museum visit near Fredericksburg, TX when Martha and I were riding Scarlett, whose engine seized about a mile from our campground in Austin!

    1. RV lived up to its name. I had forgotten that you were in TX at the time.

  2. When we were remodeling I watched a ton of Fixer Upper. Now I don't want to see another remodeling show - nor ever remodel a house again! Chip was kind of funny though, in a nutty sort of way.

  3. Interesting, we did those same things in Waco, plus the Dinosaur National Monument. I thought Magnolia was just an overpriced tourist trap, but loved photographing the silos at night. 😁