Sunday, March 1, 2020

Day 24, 25 - Harlingen, TX - TT

Saturday (24) - By mid morning it was 69°F with the hope of warmer temperatures later in the day plus no rain. It seemed like a good day to finish the job I had started back in Needles. At least I think that’s where we were. I needed to use Dicor, a self-leveling sealant designed for roofs, along the edges of the Eternabond tape. This helps keep moisture from seeping under the tape. One task done.

Since we are leaving in a couple of days, I went ahead and added more air to the drivers side inner rear tire. It seems to slowly lose air over time. I tried out the repaired 12 volt compressor and the hose clamp held at 110psi. It took forever for that little compressor to reach that pressure but it eventually got there. Two done.

While sitting there, I noticed the DOT code on the outer tire. It is “4912” which means the tire was manufactured on the 49th week of 2012. So the tire is about 7½ years old. Just about time to replace the four rear tires. That’s going to be a few thousand dollars. Plus, they also have those balance beads in them which jams the valves.

Here is one of those “small world” stories. Today while floating around the pool, a person came by and mentioned that I had talked to her spouse earlier about their trip to Alaska. While she described their trip, it turns out that not only were they at the Eklutna Lake camp out but they were the ones parked right next to us in the group campground. This was last 4th of July weekend.

Sunday (25) - The active alert is for windy conditions this afternoon. 28mph with gusts to 42mph. But the wind is warm and the swimming pool is partially sheltered from the wind. Which knocked it down to a strong breeze. Nothing to complain about. We sort of started getting packed up today as we are heading north tomorrow. Generally headed towards Dallas but only plan on going halfway or so. And not go through San Antonio.

The temperatures at our next Thousand Trails park are cooler than here but still well above freezing. One of the reasons we are heading north is for Bridget to fly home using the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. The campground is about 1½ hous from the airport but hopefully it won’t be like driving through Los Angeles. 


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    1. The comment is from the app “Carrot Weather”. There is always some snarky comment.

  2. Rode through Dallas Fort Worth from east to west in 2011 (that long ago?) on a Sunday on I10 (?) and it was easy. South to North your experience may be different. Am not a fan of the beads technique but many are. BT tonight.

    1. We’ll see how bad it is next Monday morning when she needs to be at the airport.