Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Day 27 - Lake Whitney, TX - TT

Even today was a short-ish travel day, it was pretty hectic driving through Austin’s morning traffic. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry. Some compare Austin to Portland. And the drivers here were more similar to Portland drivers than other parts of Texas. Unlike other areas, sport-luxury cars outnumbered trucks. And more police per mile than anywhere else we’ve been.

We are at another Thousand Trails campground. These feel like you’re camping. Gravel sites, mat and chairs out under the trees. And a unlevel site. I messed around with blocks and moving the coach around but the best we could do is the rear is about 8” lower than the front. The leveling jacks got it to about 4” low. They could lift the back higher but the rear tires wouldn’t be touching the ground. This was the only 50amp site open so I’m not complaining.

And, we have another windshield problem. RV windshield place contacted, they said that they will call back tomorrow when they get a delivery time for the gasket. 


  1. I hate windshield problems. I had mine replaced after a stone hit it and the I could not keep the mirror attached on the new windshield (after the mobile technicians had left). We take them for granted until they fail.

    1. You are right about windshield problems. I hope we can get this problem addressed in a timely manner. Today, it is pouring rain and I just put some Gorilla tape to keep the water out. So far, it’s working pretty good. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any mobile RV windshield techs. I’ll need to bring it into their shop.

  2. Yes, better to get it fixed from the shops itself. Damn does Gorilla tapes do the job pretty well don't they?! It is pretty exhausting to get the balance the ground on the RV for a good night sleep and prevent everything from rolling over. Four inches seem to be okay given the standard of the terrains