Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Day 53 - Mueller State Park, CO

A slight change of plans from yesterday's post. We headed Cañon City with the Google map estimate of 55 miles. After about 50 miles, we came to a sign that said it was 59 more miles. We kind of missed a turn. But it's a ride. It doesn't really matter. It felt great to be riding again. Today, I was on Fiona, Dom's BMW powered Ural rig. The additional 10 hp really makes a difference especially when climbing hills, headwinds and carrying a passenger. This photo was taken at a visitor's center along the way.

Before reaching Cañon City, we detoured up to Royal Gorge to take a look at the bridge and all of the development since the fire swept through. There is now a lot of development. After Royal Gorge, we stopped for lunch at a diner, visited the prison museum and then onto Skyline Drive.

Skyline Drive is a one way road along top of a ridge with drop offs in both directions just west of Cañon City. The pano was taken at a stop along the ridge top. This pic used without permission from Martha... (But it was posted on Facebook)

Tomorrow, Pike's Peak.


  1. A great day of unintentional longer than expected riding to be sure!

  2. We only passed thru that area, but skipped Royal Gorge (seemed too touristy) and didn't know about skyline drive. Both look worth a peek next time. 🤓

    1. We were fortunate to have an excellent guide. Not only knowing all of the great roads but also the best photo stops!