Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 52 - Mueller State Park, CO

This morning we left the RV park in South Fork, CO, and headed northeast to Meuller State Park on the western slope of Pike's Peak. The campground is at 9780' elevation. This evening, we got our first rain on the trip and it included thunder and lightning. An RV a couple of spots away was hit and it blew out a couple of the clearance lights on the roof and took out the ECU as well. We all learned that Good Sam's Roadside Assistance doesn't cover "acts of God" and refused their towing request. When we left them, they were on the phone with their insurance company.

We have met up with Dom and Martha of Redleg's Rides who are camped right across the street from the rig that got hit with lighting. They generously brought up both Urals so we could all go riding the next couple of days. The plan for tomorrow is up Pike's Peak if the weather is good. Further plans have not been made. For a more pictures, please visit


  1. I am glad you get to meet up with the Chang gang. Good times shall be had I am sure.

    Bummer about the towing of that RV and the act of Mother Nature and all. Hopefully their regular insurance will pay.

  2. How fun to meet up with more blogging friends and especially with a rig to spare for you to borrow!

    Fortunately we haven't had to deal with an act of God exclusion but I think that is sadly rather common. I'm glad no one was hurt!