Sunday, June 25, 2017

Day 51- South Fork, CO

We left Mesa Verde National Park around 10:30am or so headed east through Durango, CO. I had looked into the Durango-Silverton narrow gauge train ride but it was a bit on the pricy side. Maybe some other time. We continued on to a small town called South Fork, CO, for no other reason than a campground listed on Passport America. For a single night stay it was 50% off their advertised rate or $16 including tax. A pretty good deal for full hookups. Plus, the Internet is better here than we've had in quite a while. And it's at 8160' elevation. More comfortable temperatures.

The trailer right turn signal fuse was blown again this morning and I believe I found the intermittent short. Green is the wire for the right turn signal and you can see bare copper showing through where it was rubbing the license plate. A little electrical tape will fix that problem.

As we were headed this way, we were puzzling why the GPS was saying two more hours for seventy miles. At this time we were pretty much cruising at or near the speed limit of 65 mph. Then we came to an eight mile grade up and back down Wolf Creek Pass (10,856 feet or 3,308 m). With a trailer, coming down isn't that much faster than going up. In case you don't remember, there was a well known C.W. McCall song from 1975 that made the pass famous more well known than it was before. I remember hearing it on the radio.


  1. All the times I've ridden up/down Wolf Creek Pass and I'd never heard of this song! Thanks. Had to look for myself there was a tunnel on this road, I couldn't recall it....but there it was.

  2. Yeah, we've looked into the train ride and found it cost prohibitive, especially since the last time we were in that area, we had the boys' with us. Maybe someday as a special treat to see the Fall colors, but hey, when you own URALs, you don't need a train ride to experience the beauty of the area. :) The campground sounds promising: good WiFi is a must for us!

  3. I am glad you two have found cooler temperatures.

  4. It was pricey, but we really enjoyed the scenic railroad trip in Durango. You are retracing our trip right now, and bringing back great memories! We enjoyed passing thru Pagosa Springs (on street RV parking, even for our size!), and stayed at South Fork at Peacock Meadows for 3 days. Beautiful area! Are you going to Great Sand Dunes NP near there?

    1. No, we didn't go to Sand Dunes NP as we had an appointment with a Ural. (Priorities…)