Friday, June 9, 2017

Day 35 - Barstow, CA

Not much of a post for today. We left the Orange Grove RV Park and headed east towards Barstow, CA, on the Tehachapi Hwy with a forecast for strong winds. No problems and I hope no problems continue through the weekend. Right now, the wind is about 20+ mph from the SW and you can definitely feel it in the trailer. The wind is supposed to die down tonight and not pick up until tomorrow afternoon. So the plan is to try and leave early-ish and beat the worst of the wind across the desert. Of course, plans may have to change. Caltrans has posted that there is a brush fire along I-15 that has shut down one of the lanes.

We are at the Shady Lane RV Camp in Barstow. Kind of a tired looking, but decent RV park. The Wi-fi is decent and it has the essentials bits such power to run the A/C and dogs are permitted.


  1. Be careful with the crosswinds, Richard. I once watched a trailer topple over right in front of me (thankfully the driver came out of it unhurt, but truck and trailer were a write-off).

    1. Fortunately, we had a tail wind and we left early enough that we arrived in Las Vegas before the wind warning (2 pm).