Saturday, May 6, 2017

Day 1 - Launched

I'm finally headed down the road. I think that I have what I need. Lots of plastic bins, action packers and cardboard boxes full of stuff for the new-to-us RV. And the tools needed to install things. There was a lot of running around today looking for the last couple of things. This picture was taken right before the toolbox was locked and the tonneau cover was rolled over everything. I then installed the bike rack in the hitch receiver and had to dig back into the toolbox for a 7/8" socket and breaker bar.

Here are a few phone pictures from the trip. They aren't "clickable" due to limitations of the iPhone app used for editing. As you may notice, Scooterbob is on the road again. BTW, the Spotwalla link on the right sidebar is active. 



  1. Hooray!! Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!!

  2. Murphy's Law on the tools. :) Do you know exactly where everything is in that bed? HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!

    1. Actually, there is a spreadsheet and the boxes are numbered...

  3. Better late than never, and I mean me seeing this, not you leaving! Safe travels!