Friday, May 19, 2017

Day 14 - Corvallis, OR

Two weeks so far… And there is a little bit of moto content in this post.

Today, I installed the Electrical Management System or in non-vendor speak, a surge protector. It is wired into the main power cable that is plugged into a campground. There is a remote LED numeric display showing realtime voltage, current, frequency and any error codes. If the campground pedestal is miswired or the voltage is too high or low then power is disconnected. This is just how it looks when unpacked from the box. The left side is the input from the power pedestal and the right side is the output to the breaker panel.

All installed. There is a coil installed over the hot lead on the output to measure the output current. I'm planning to just install it diagonally on the floor of this little compartment next to the electrical panel The automatic transfer switch will  be installed here as well as there is very little room behind the breaker panel. I needed to pick up a strain relief for the electrical panel on my daily run to Home Depot.

This afternoon I drove up to Tigard, OR, which is a suburb on the south side of Portland. I have been looking forward to a talk by moto-author Sam Manicom. It was a great talk with really cool pictures (made with a film camera) of Africa. He spent a year on the road in Africa before deciding to not return to England to a job that he didn't like and shipped himself and his BMW R80 G/S to Australia on a freighter. If you haven't read his books, I would recommend them. If you prefer audiobooks, like I do, he is the reader.


  1. Your posts always inspire me to do more in my life regarding maintenance, construction and general mastery to the technical web I find myself in. Let uninspired -- I would likely become oblivious.

    And thanks for the heads up on Sam Manicom's books. I'll see what I can locate.

    1. Most of this stuff are things that I've picked up over the years. And I would heartily recommend Sam's books. His British sense of humor is fabulous.

  2. Definitely advocate for the surge protector. We have a portable one now and if it dies we will probably install one. Cool that you got to hear Sam live. Oh and sorry about the multiple personality disorder profiles! Got a new phone and it's not yet properly trained :-)