Friday, May 12, 2017

Day 7 - Corvallis, OR

Slept in until 8 this morning. Really thankful for friends letting me stay there while working on the RV.  Today I took some measurements of the roof area where I'll be install the PV panels. I'm thinking two across the front and two others at 90° from them along each side. This still leaves plenty of walking space in the middle for cleaning the panels. 


I installed the RV Lock since I had some time before heading to the airport. This lock has not only a combination but also a wireless remote to lock and unlock the deadbolt. Really simple to install and setup. I had picked this up during their "Black Friday" sale back in November. It works pretty slick. 

I also took inventory of all the interior 12 v light bulbs and will be ordering LED bulbs. A huge difference between 1.1 amp per bulb and 0.1 amp. I also plan on doing all the exterior lights but that may have to wait a bit. The replacement locks for the storage compartment doors have been ordered. They still had the CH751 generic lock that just about all RVs share from the factory. 

I also lowered the hitch in the truck to its lowest position. This puts it 6.5" below the bed rails and the bottom of the overhang of the trailer about 6" above that. Hopefully the trailer will be approximately level. 


  1. Your friends must have a huge/tall garage to fit that fifth wheel rig in there! Nice.

    1. 14' door and tons of room while standing on the roof. Really generous of them as I hadn't really known them before this. I actually worked with one of them in Fairbanks back in the early 90s when a friend and I started a network company.

  2. Richard, how great to be able to store and work on your rig under cover! You will LOVE that lock. It is the best not having to carry keys! And the LEDs, such a worthwhile update! Looking forward to hearing about your travels.