Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Up Before Sunrise

I was out and about early today for a change. I needed to meet with someone at the university around 8:30 and this sunrise photo was taken on my way out of the parking lot after the meeting. Sunrise was at 9:11 today and I believe we are losing daylight at the rate of about 6 minutes per day. I didn't look at the temperature when I left but it was a good day to have the heated gear working. Working well enough to need to turn down the heated grips to a setting of 2 out of 5 and the gloves to about ½ power.

I had another meeting at 10:00 so I stopped for a cup of coffee at the usual place, College Coffeehouse, for a bit before heading to the next meeting. Afterwards, I headed back to the coffee place to see if George and Sandra were still there. They told me that it was below 0°F when they came in. Definitely colder than I thought it was. According to the weather app, it looks like we are in for some colder temperatures.

This morning, I received an email from Aerostitch with a tracking number for my Roadcrafter Light back from repair. It's taken a bit more than the initial 5 week estimate. The current estimate for things sent in for repair now is 12 weeks so I'm glad that I didn't procrastinate more than I did. 


  1. 12 weeks, quite the backlog. Reminds me though to send in my motoport riding pants to get the zippers fixed and the updated system to cover said zippers. The covers on my pants now use velcro and its worn out; makes for a sloppy look at times.

    1. Shortly after posting this the FedEx truck was here. Either extremely fast shipping or communication is not Aerostitch's priority. I'm guessing the latter. The only time I hear from them is when I "poke".

  2. I think people send their gear in to be fixed in their "down" months of riding so they get busier as fall progresses.

    Your weather seems a tad chilly.