Sunday, November 1, 2015

IFTTT Automation - Another Test

This is definitely in the non-moto category. I have been using a web service called "If This Then That" better known as, for a number of years. The only "recipes" that I have are tweet every time I put up a new post on this blog and another to text me when the Fairbanks temperature drops below -25°F. Both have been working flawlessly.

I have been playing around with a new recipe to create a Facebook pages post when I include the blog post label "fb". It sort of works but insists on using the blog header instead of the first picture in the individual post. There are a variety of suggestions. I'm trying the simplest one first. I replaced the header with a PNG file instead of a JPG. It was suggested that FB prefers JPG.

Time to test...

Update - Didn't work. It keeps putting up the blog header photo... I switched back to the plain text "Status Update" message instead of the link...

Anyone else using IFTTT for anything?

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