Wednesday, March 10, 2010

UConn Workshop

I'm currently teaching a IPv4 Multicast Workshop at the University of Connecticut. Since we need layer 2 access for some of the labs, all of the equipment needs to be shipped and set up at the location. The group is 100% local, that is quite a change from many of the other workshops I've done. This is only my second visit to Connecticut. Too bad there isn't more time to look around. We usually don't get finished until late in the afternoon or evening and I'm pretty tired by then. Maybe this evening, we'll have some time to look around. Todays class is scheduled for 9 hours and that is a long time to be focused on highly technical content.

The venue is great, there is plenty of room to spread out and have all of the noisy equipment in a different room. For these workshops, 22 Cisco and Juniper routers are shipped along with a pile of laptops and cables. Everyone who attends has an opportunity to configure a variety of routers participating in a variety of roles within a network. The workshop is designed for network engineers from providers and regional networks but most of the attendees are campus. It is a stretch for some as the routing protocols and policies are different. There is one motorcycle rider in the class and he is a "rounder" i.e. he rides year around. Aerostitch suit, full face helmet and riding a Harley just about every day unless it's snowing. He doesn't claim to be a typical HD rider.

My knee is still doing fine. I used the hotel treadmill again without any issues so I'm still convinced that the joint pain was a side effect from the Januvia. There may still be an actual injury in my knee but it isn't preventing me from participating in some activity. Running is very stressful on joints so I may avoid it until I lose a bunch more weight.

Wednesday evening - Walked downtown this evening to dinner then walked on the treadmill for 4¼ miles before heading to bed. Tomorrow should be much shorter day than today. I really enjoy teaching these workshops.

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