Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not Much Going On

It has been almost a week since my last post. That must mean there isn't much going on. Many of the other blogs that I follow have great pictures taken during their motorcycle rides. Not just yet. Spring is still trying to push winter out of the way but there is a lot of resistance. Morning temperatures are still below zero and afternoon highs rarely work their way above freezing. Not much maintenance got done on the bike last weekend as I needed to order a bunch of small parts. (oil filter, clutch cable, high temperature anti-seize, air filter, petcock rebuild kits (they leak occasionally), fuel line, and a couple of new fork boots) I think replacing the fork boots are going to take a lot of effort but the ones currently on the bike are torn in a couple of places. They are thin plastic kind of like the ones you see on kids toys or cheap truck shock absorbers. I suspect that they aren't BMW parts but we'll see when the new parts arrive. If the new ones are as flimsy as the old ones, I may have to look for a more suitable replacement. Yearly brake fluid replacement, done. Centering and lubing the swing arm, done. I need to pull the bike into the middle of the garage to remove the rear wheel for the rear wheel spline lube so maybe this weekend...

I'm managing to get out of the office most afternoons for at least a 5 mile walk. Usually as part of my lunch break. Today, a couple of meetings got cancelled so I'll be heading out to lower campus for my last meeting of the day. Of course, I'll probably take the scenic route just to get in a few more miles. I used to really enjoy this time of the year. Since I started riding, I now look forward to late spring and summer even more. This time of the year is clear with 200+ mile visibility, snow still covering up the dead leaves and stuff left over from last fall, and very few tour buses and almost no RVs cluttering up the roads.

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  1. Richard:

    I have never been to Fairbanks, but perhaps one day when I ride to Alaska. I'd be interested in what the main street looks like, pictures of the roads and buildings, sort of like Key West Diary. Where you go out for dinner, coffee shops, does everyone drive 4x4 trucks or SUV's, or do they walk ? What does the main street look like, old historic wood buildings which are falling apart, or new construction. Are the rivers frozen over and do people ice fish ?
    Hopefully that will keep you busy for a while

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin