Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is Januvia the Problem?

Not being able to walk the terminals is causing this trip to feel much longer. Right now I am sitting in SeaTac waiting for the fourth leg (of five) to Washington Dulles. Then just a short hop to Hartford, CT. Two of the legs were on Alaska Airlines and the other three are on United or their partners. I'm not looking forward to the next leg at all.

I read on the Internet, and we all know how reliable that is, that joint pain is a known side effect of Januvia, one of the medications that I have been taking for the last couple of months. Yesterday, I went back to Byetta instead of Januvia to see if it makes a difference. It's significant that my knee is no longer sore. On Friday, I was barely able to walk due to my knee. Today, there is no pain in my knee and I'm still having to walk quite a bit to get from gate to gate. Some muscles are now sore probably from me trying to move while minimizing stress on my knee. The Byetta has some other issues but not being able to walk wasn't one of them. I'm thinking that Januvia was the problem. Up until last month, the only joints that were sore were ones that were "stressed" at some time in the past like my right shoulder and hip from my fall during the Equinox Marathon. Running probably added my knee to the list of "stressed" joints.

Monday evening - This afternoon, I used the treadmill at the hotel fitness center and did 2 min jog/2 min walk intervals for 50 minutes to see how my knee was doing. Absolutely no issues. Calf muscles were a little sore but that was about it. I feel confident that I found the culprit.

Since I wanted to use the fitness room at the hotel but I forgot to bring a pair of running shorts, I needed to find a shopping mall. Fortunately, there was a Cabelas superstore nearby next to the UConn stadium. This is a shot from the front door looking towards their two story display. It was a fun store to look around in. I managed to leave with just the one pair of shorts.


  1. The miracle isn't that you left with only a pair of shorts. No, the miracle is that you even found the shorts in that place!

    Interesting about the knee. How does the effectiveness of Byetta compare to Januvia for the original application? Must be worth the tradeoff.

  2. I think I could've wandered around the Cabelas store for quite a while.

    Byetta is much more effective but it is a hassle to use since it can never go below 36F nor above 77F. So I usually always need to carry it around in a thermos and carry around a small thermo-electric refrigerator on trips. The Januvia is a pill so taking it on trips is much simpler.