Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sure Sign of Spring

A sure sign of Spring approaching isn't daytime temperatures over 40°F or over 14 hours of light but when the state DOT (Department of Transportation) goes to the trouble of plowing the bike path. They are pretty confident that there won't be any more major snow falls. There is still quite a bit of ice on the bike path where snow melt has run across but by mid-afternoon, most of it has melted.

I pulled off the exhaust headers on the bike to try and get a good look at the exhaust valves but couldn't get a very good look through the exhaust port. According to forum posts, I should try looking through the spark plug holes. i believe I'm supposed to be looking for "tuliping" or thinning of the edge of the exhaust valve. I didn't have a flashlight handy so I'll take a look tomorrow. One of the crossover pipes had a damaged clamp and it looked like the previous owner just glued it on to maintain the appearance so one more piece to order.

Yesterday, I decided to try and attend the BMWMOA rally in Redmond, OR, near the middle of July. We have a family reunion right afterwards in Portland so the timing works out. I'm not sure if I'll go through the trouble of hauling the bike down but I'm giving it some thought. I can't really ride the bike down since there are several of us travelling down to the reunion. Riding the bike as well as driving the truck just doesn't make sense no matter how much fun it would be...


  1. Richard:

    too bad you couldn't get your bike down to Oregon earlier and leave it with family. I was thinking of going down that weekend to meet up with a few people then head over to the Oregon Coast via: Corvalis/Albany then take Hwy 101 back to BC, we'll see . . .

    I see your roads are paved. I thought they were all mud and gravel. Your snow is thinning

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. I live in Albany. Probably not much excuse not to ride to Redmond for me, eh?

    Actually, it will be cool to meet everybody. When exactly is this thing?