Saturday, March 13, 2010

On Thursday evening, we went out to the University of Connecticut campus just to look around. It was pretty deserted as it was Spring Break. We did run across this strange sculpture near the center of the campus. Don't know what it was supposed to be and there was no signage. The campus itself was huge, especially for me being used to UAF.

Friday was spent in airports or in the air as I worked my way west from Hartford to Chicago to Denver to Portland. I then drove to Corvallis to visit family for a couple of days. The ride was somewhat entertaining as the rental car had the Ford Sync system. I plugged my iPhone into the USB port then use voice commands to select tracks to play. For example, press the button on the steering wheel, hear a "bong" then say "play artist Amy Grant". The radio then starts playing music from my phone. Pretty cool system.

The trees are blooming here and I was hoping for some clear blue skies to take some pictures. So far, it has been mostly raining or drizzling. So here is a shot of my sisters little dog. Quiet, not hyper at all and really well behaved.

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