Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Out of the "Death Zone"

Today turned out to be a beautiful day with clear, dark blue skies and only a little breeze. I went for a walk this evening along the "beach" road and really enjoyed it. I kind of kept to the. I tried to keep to the NARL area since there were some reports of bears walking on the sea ice near town. I guess they rarely come into town but then again why take any chances. I shipped two boxes here a week ago via DHL two day service and they still aren't here yet. Yes, I know I'm past the "end of the road" so to speak but this is ridiculous. I guess FedEx next time. I had dinner at the Thai restaurant here in Barrow and it wasn't quite as good as Osaka's but the musman chicken curry was pretty good. Nice and spicy. I was invited by the director to have dinner with a contingent of Canadian researchers. It was a pretty interesting group and it really makes me regret not staying in school. Instead I went to the dark side of the university (administration in case you weren't sure). Oh well, we need to live with the decisions we've made in the past.

After dinner, we went to watch a group pacticing they drumming and dancing. The drums sounded pretty nice and they had an incredible dynamic range. I'll post a picture tomorrow as I don't have a way to move pictures off my phone. I'm using a different laptop on this trip than normal so it isn't set up as completely as my Mac. Windows just isn't as flexible. Today's walking put me back at Camp 3 which moves me out of the "Death Zone" on this virtual climb of Everst. It's all downhill from here ...

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