Sunday, June 8, 2008

Frustrating day...

This afternoon, I got really frustrated and had to go for a walk. Today wasn't the nice clear, sunny day that yesterday was but I guess it sort of matched my mood today. It turns out that one of the items shipped was the wrong model. I didn't look carefully at the quote generated by the vendor and just assumed that they knew what they were doing. Very frustrating.

It turned out to be a pretty good walk and I felt much better when I came back. Managed just short of 10 miles today (it was a long walk) mostly in the NARL campus area. I guess I could have ventured towards town but it really depends on the direction of the wind. There is a sewage pond between NARL and Barrow and if the wind is blowing from any direction except from the ocean, well, lets just say it is less than pleasant.

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  1. Hi! So what do you do now without the correct part? I went for a walk myself last night to see if walking would help my back so I could get to sleep before 2AM. It helped. Can you put pictures on this blog?