Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, I'm in Barrow again but I have made an effort to go walking late in the evening after working all day. On most days, I'm finally winding down at 10:00 at night but there is still plenty of daylight for walking. One of the highlights of this trip was seeing a very large polar bear about 300 yards off-shore on the ice. It was poking around an opening in the ice, repeatedly diving in and coming out. Someone mentioned that it was probably hunting a seal. After watching for about 15 minutes, it was dragging something on the ice away from town. It must have been successful. I don't have a decent camera so no pictures. The other exciting thing is getting the phones in the BARC (Barrow Arctic Research Center) to work. I felt very bad being responsible for getting phones into the building before it was occupied and having it take so long. Oh yes, I also finished StartWalking IV sometime this week. I just noticed the number of steps was over the 1.7M needed to finish. For some reason, this one doesn't have me as engaged as the previous 3 programs. No prizes I guess...

On this trip, I'm doing much better on my diet than on previous trips. Moderate amounts of food and stopping when I first get a feeling of fullness. The Japanese restaurant here has a great sashimi selection. Sashimi, miso soup and some steamed soy beans make a great meal. I'm quitting a bit early today rather than run myself into the ground. I was originally trying to finish early and leave on today's evening flight since there is going to be a motorcycle ride tomorrow with a group from church. Guess I'll miss out on that.

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  1. Good job on finishing Everest! I'm done my focus is on Get The Point.

    How cool...getting to see a polar bear hunting. We don't often see them down here...