Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Made the Summit!

I didn't get a lot of extra walking in the last couple of days but still over 10k per day. Dragged myself over the summit today on a walk down to Beaver Sports. Someone I work with was picking up a bike that was being repaired so it was a nice excuse to walk. I also walked around West Ridge a couple of times but didn't make it onto the ski trails this time. I guess they aren't having the WIN walks here in Fairbanks this summer. Too bad, I enjoyed them but generally, the turnout was pretty low last year so I would understand their decision to cancel them. After all the walking last weekend, I didn't feel much like walking today. Now that I reached the summit, it's time to coast downhill for a while. I'll be heading up to Barrow in a couple of days and I probably won't get much walking in (as usual) and I probably won't get many steps in before leaving. Oh well. I really need to watch my eating.

I rode home the long way through Goldstream Valley this afternoon. It wasn't raining but it looked like it was going to at any minute. It seems as if it has been raining just about every evening. And it isn't even close to fair time.

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